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Denny Howell III has been on boats since he was born.  As a toddler, though he doesn’t remember, he spent plenty of time in the Pack-n-play in the salon of his parents 33’ Egg Harbor on The Chesapeake Bay.  As time passed his family had bought and sold different boats, but most of his high school and college years were spent on a 48’ Graves fishing in Cape May and Palm Beach with his father, relatives, colleagues and friends. 

Denny spent 5 years in Drexel’s Co-op program and earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.  Using the knowledge he gained at Drexel he became and currently still is an Engineer at Howell Engineering in West Chester Pennsylvania.  In addition to this, he spent time learning the ins and outs of the boat world by being a boat broker with an brokerage house in South Florida.  It was here where he met Tanner, assisting with listings in Cape May, NJ while Tanner was located in Jupiter FL.

Some time passed, and Denny and Tanner were looking to do bigger and better things in the boat world.  After much discussion, they decided to start Navis Yacht Group, combining their years of knowledge and great people they met along the way.  Now, as an established company Navis Yacht Group has and will continue to provide the most professional and knowledgeable expertise to help you buy or sell your next boat.

Denny Howell III

Owner / Broker